Phthalo Science is set to become a leading manufacturer of all sorts of Color Pigments and will specialize in manufacturing CPC i.e., copper phthalocyanine, thus the name. Gopinath Dyechem has been a well established brand since 2011. PhthaloScience has emerged from Gopinath Dyechem. At PhthaloScience, we believe in providing customer service which is not only the best but also legendary. Our core competency lies in catering to the needs of our esteemed customers by manufacturing color pigments by using state of the art technology and minimizing the environmental impact of our activities.

Our products will find applications in paste, inks, paints, plastics , leather, textile among other products as well.We have ofacturing units located in Bharuch, Gujarat, India.

Our Products

Copper Phthalocyanine Blue

Pigment Alpha Blue

Pigment Beta Blue

Pigment Green-7